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Free credit score online. Three bureau credit reports by Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. Get your online credit report in seconds! Online credit reports and free credit score.
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Why is it important to monitor my credit? Monitoring your credit allows you to look for errors that may appear on your report, as well as unauthorized changes that may indicate fraud. With the growing threat of identity fraud, it's important to make sure that your credit is closely watched.

What is a credit score? A credit score is a number used by lenders as an indicator of how likely you are to repay your loans. Your credit score is generated by a mathematical formula utilizing the data from your credit report. 

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What's Your Credit Score?

Because there are so many credit report, credit score, and credit monitoring products available, choosing the right one can be difficult.

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Benefit of Applying for your Credit Report

Credit Tip:
Why Check your Credit Report before applying for a Loan?
When applying for a loan, 2 or more recent credit checks (inquiries) will negatively affect and damage your credit score. To prevent this from happening and still be able to apply at several companies if you are turned down, you can go to the next lender and apply without worry about your credit being affected.

How? If you purchase a copy of your credit report in advance, a lender can pre-approve you with a faxed current copy of your credit report. If they decide to reject the loan, you can continue to apply at varies loan or credit card lenders until you find one that accepts you.

Before completion of the loan process your actual lender will probably need to do a final check on their own, but now you have only one inquiry on your records instead of two or three or more!

Positive Benefit of applying for your credit report = When you purchase your credit report, it does not show up as an inquiry!