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Geriatric Care Manager

Advance your career: get the professional knowledge and skills to propel you forward. Become a case manager, forensic nurse, geriatric care manager, legal nurse consultant - lucrative and rewarding career choices for nurses and healthcare professionals. Apply Online. No Obligation to Apply.


Accredited Geriatric Care Manager Certificate

If you are interested in establishing a geriatric care management practice dedicated to assuring the delivery of quality care and an optimal lifestyle to seniors, consider this program.

Learn to assess, coordinate, and monitor the health and human services needs of your elderly clients and their families. Graduates may work as geriatric care managers in a variety of practice settings: -Independent practice -Government agencies -Home health agencies -Long-term care facilities -Insurance companies -Assisted-care facilities -Social service agencies

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Geriatric Care Manager FAQ

Who Should Take This Program?
Health and human services professionals including
-registered nurses
-social workers
-occupational therapists
-physical therapists
-rehabilitation counselors
-case managers
-medical doctors

What are the aspects of a career in geriatric care management?

Identify the individualized health, social, and economic circumstances of your elderly client. Identify public and private resources. Medication noncompliance; transportation difficulties; social isolation.

Determine short- and long-term goals of elderly clients and their families. Develop action-oriented and time-specific objectives. Increased utilization of available resources, including social and health care services.

Execute specific interventions. Facilitate progress toward mutually planned goals. Health care teaching resources for prevention and maintenance; transportation availability; social activities at local senior citizen center.

Identify, obtain, integrate, and modify resources for long- and short-term care needs. Medical services; home health assistance; volunteer and state-sponsored senior citizen assistance services.

Serve as liaison and facilitate communication with members of the support team. Communicate with client, family, health and human services providers; monitor plan feasibility.

Analyze the effectiveness of the geriatric care management plan and modify the plan according to client’s changing needs. Home care, assisted living, and residential care.

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