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Study at home and earn your law degree completely online, juris doctor or JD degree online. Accredited online law school.
accredited online law school

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Online Law Degree / JD Degree

Concord Law School is the first institution to offer a Juris Doctor (JD) degree earned wholly online via state-of-the-art technology.  Since opening in the fall of 1998, Concord has pioneered the delivery of high quality legal education on the Internet. The school serves working professionals, family caretakers, and others whose circumstances may prevent them from pursuing a legal education at a fixed facility law school. Apply Online. No Obligation to Apply.


Types of Law Degree

The Juris Doctor Program
Individuals seeking to practice law and develop the widest range of career opportunities should enroll in the Juris Doctor Program. Beyond the traditional practice of law, licensed attorneys are employed as corporate in-house counsel, risk managers, legislative analysts, technology licensing officers, contract administrators and in a host of other positions.

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The Executive JDSM Program
Individuals who desire an education in law - but do not desire to practice law - should enroll in the Executive JDSM program. For example, nurses, paramedics or other health care practitioners may choose Concord's specially designed Health Law Track within the Executive JDSM program to further their careers.

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