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Study at home and earn your online paralegal associate degree or paralegal bachelor degree online. Accredited paralegal school. Nurse paralegal also available.
accredited online paralegal school

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Paralegal Studies
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Online Paralegal Degrees

Most lawsuits, house closings, and incorporations have something in common: a paralegal. This profession is growing fast to meet the increased demand of more lawyers joining the workforce.

Enrolling in one of our accredited programs will help you advance your paralegal career and make you a top employment prospect to law firms worldwide. The education is thorough; the instructors are practicing professionals; and, with flexible seminars, you can go to school anytime, anywhere at your convenience.
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Kaplan's Paralegal Degrees / School of Legal Studies

Top Rated School of Paralegal Studies
Our online paralegal schools offer a variety of paralegal degree programs to help you reach your career goals.  School of Paralegal Studies prepares you for a successful career in law.

Not only will you master basic job skills and practices, you will also gain valuable career experience while working at an externship. Our school knows that students need the opportunity to learn firsthand how the judicial workplace functions.

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Earn a Degree in one of the fastest growing and most exciting fields around. Becoming a Paralegal has never been so easy! No classes to attend. Learn online at your convenience.
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Why Enter the Paralegal Field?

Law firms, legal departments of major corporations, and state and federal government agencies are employing paralegals by the thousands to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The urgent demand to remain competitive and serve more clients has created an unprecedented
growth opportunity for trained paralegals on a nationwide level.

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